Monday, July 20, 2009


Beautiful Sophia & I had a chance to spend the day together, ( with my Mom & sis Michelle) at my Beautiful cousin Kristin's wedding. Anna was able to spend the day with Daddddda doing all kinds of farm things, wish I had some pics of their day!. 

Saturday felt like a day for just the 2 of us at "the Ocean". Really it was Lake Superior. It was a wonderful day! Here is Sophia in her party dress. Since it was 60 degrees on this July afternoon on the shore, we wore pants & sweaters over our party dresses. :)

Sophia enjoying the surf....

& enjoying the sand!

and the dancing!!! We really like the square dancing! So much twirling & clapping & stomping & swinging!

& the Beautiful couple!!!! We love you Kristin & Michael!!!!!


ShelliGib said...

She's sooo big!

Anonymous said...

mel, i love that first pic of sophia (all the pics are great) but you shoul dmake a huge giant print, it's so beautiful :)