Thursday, July 2, 2009

2 dogs +2 kids = no work done :)

packing the wagon of supplies to try & get the playhouse painted.... Sophia is wearing the "Painting hat" that I was trying to get both girls to wear so that the paint didn't get in their hair like on Sun....
Anna who had the paint in the hair Sun, wouldn't wear the "hat"  that is her "Whatever, I don't think so Momma" face. 
The outside of the playhouse, that really is a converted ice fishing house that Vance & his highschool buddy built when he was in high school. Now all we need is a window, curtains, little table, sink, stove & tea set, oh & chalk board paint. :)
The inside, not finished because, by golly, there is sliding to be done....

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Anonymous said...

these pics are classic! love them. those little girls are so fortunate to have yo and vance as parents!
ps thanks again for an awesome 4th of july!