Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The "Naughty Funny"

My girls are VERY good at what I like to call "naughty-funny"- the naughty behavior that should be disciplined, but it is clever & amusing that it is difficult to punish.

Above, is Sophia, after she had been on the porch obviously creating herself into a fancy, Sunday hat wearing, butterfly. This was 2 days after she had hid under the table drawing sun flowers on both knee caps & stems & leaves down each calf. Agh.

close-up of the naughty-funny girl. She used dry-erase markers to create the green & black on her face, hands, belly legs & feet. Very hard to squelch the creativity in process, but what is a mom to do?
The above photo, is naughty-funny caught in action. Anna was trying to get Brutus to eat the popscicle, & when he wouldn't she rubbed it on his head.

Brutus refusing the offered treat.

Anna trying STILL after he has tried to ignore her by pretending to be asleep, even with sticky orange  goo  in his fur.... since this episode, he has had blue wall paint on his face & stickers on his ears & paws. :)

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ShelliGib said...

Poor Brutus! haha! I can't wait till they go to school and pull this stuff! hehe! I'm gonna try and call tomorrow around noon! Just a heads up!