Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Sophia!!

Today is Sophia's 4th Birthday! This pic was her as we were leaving the hospital, & she has always had the same expression. So wise, so poised, so not impressed by others attempts to make her smile :) 

Last night at dinner we had this conversation-
Sophia: "Momma I wish I were queen, that way I could have anything I wanted"

Me: " what would you want that you don't already have?"

Sophia: "Spongebob Square Pants toys. I don't have ANY." 

well, guess what daddy had picked out- yep, spongebob figures, & some other fun things that I think she will enjoy :) 

The next few posts will be about Anna, I haven't forgotten about you, baby!


ShelliGib said...

Awe, happy birthday! Can't believe you're four!

Anonymous said...

i am just now reading this and sad we missed sophia's birthday! and we miss her at school this year! anyway, i think your response to her wanting to be queen was brilliant!