Monday, April 11, 2011

First Spring Baby- Smores Spots Schumacher

Wow it's finally spring again! & Spring here means a lot of new animals ( like we really NEED new ones, but they are oh so cute, so how can we resist?) 

This isn't the new baby... this is Vance holding Pinkie, she was born Oct 2010. Still so cute!

Not the baby either :) This is the daddy, Strongbad.

ok, Here is me, Sophia, Anna & the new baby. Doesn't she look just like a puppy? 
And, yes, it's April, & my girls are dressed for winter. It was mighty cold that morning! :) 

Sophia & Anna petting the new baby.... & the mom, Gloria, watching close, so that don't try anything funny with her precious baby!

Oh so cute! Welcome to the farm Smores Spots Schumacher! :)