Saturday, April 23, 2011

tisket a tasket, 8 bazillion eggs in a basket

tisket a tasket, 8 bazillion eggs in a basket....
Our Chick-chicks are in laying over-drive. We go to the barn & gather up around 2 doz a day! Here are a few pics of the beautiful range of colors.
And because, it's almost Easter, & we have plastic eggs around the house, we are REALLY all about eggs here.

Anna, being silly with her plastic eggs. She has been hiding them around the house for us to find since the beginning of April.

The eggs in their cozy containers.

Thanks chick-chicks, our friends & neighbors just love these!

Sophia's designed paper eggs! Each one had it's own personality & voice :)

I had no idea, before getting the chickens, that eggs came in such a variety of colors!

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