Wednesday, February 9, 2011

When it's cold out- CREATE!

I am all for snuggling on the couch under loads of blankets, but at some point we all need to get up & do something!!! (& for the record, they don't let me sit down, oh no, :) there is always something I should be getting them )

even Brutis finds a good spot to snuggle & stay warm

We threw in some paper mache on Sun. Anna LOVED the gooey, Sophia, not so much. She kept running to the bathroom to wash her hands, anytime some got on her fingers!!!!

A sewing kit we put together, after we bought the book Sewing School  
there are projects in here that the girls can DO, even at the ages of 5 & 3.

Here Sophia has taken the hat project & given it her own little twist- a pig mask :)
Oh sis we laugh when we took this pic & it looked like Anna is spanking the pig hahahah

Here she is in action, drawing templates, cutting & sewing on patches & ribbon that Grandma Opal contributed to her sewing kit. I am learning right along with her... I do not have the patients at the moment & tend to get frustrated on my sewing projects that she assigns me :)

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ShelliGib said...

Looks like fun at your house! Miss you!