Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Day of School!!!!!!!

This is Sophia getting ready for her first day of school!!!! She had seen me putting on deoderant & INSISTED on putting it all over her arms - "Me want to smell SOOOOOOO GOOOOOD for my teacher" hee hee

Today was Sophia's first day of school!!! Anna, & I, our Momma friends: Jen, & Lynn with their youngest kids, took Sophia & her friends Christian(Lynn's) & Julia (Jen's) to their first day of 3 yr old preschool. So really, it's pre-pre- school. But who's counting! When I snapped the picture, I SWEAR Sophia did not have her finger up her nose! We are standing by Sophia's locker :) On the way home Sophia was SO tired, she was trying to sleep in her car seat. I could hear Anna laughing & looked in the rear view mirror to see her chubby hand pull Sophia's hair. Sophia said "Anna, leave me alone, me trying to sleep".   The last picture is Anna & I "tailgating" at the park while Sophia was at school. The Mommas had all talked about tailgating- (we brought breakfast & coffee) on the first day of pre-school since Sophia & her friends were just wee little babes. How WONDERFUL to have friends to share these moments!!! :)

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