Saturday, June 7, 2008

Outside & funny

We are all the happiest when we can be outside. It has been such a rainy cold spring that we were so happy to get out & these 2 are so cute together!!!! Anna loves the swing & Sophia is (for the most part) gentle when she is pushing... Funny story: Sophia & I were walking the long drive to the mailbox, noticing all the "anthills" on the side. In her 2 1/2 yr old voice  saying "anthill" sounded a lot like "a** holes". I was laughing SO hard at every "Momma, look at that big a**hole (anthill)", "there are so many a**holes (anthills)" hee hee


Michelle Gibilisco said...

You crack me up, I love how you amuse yourself!

Anonymous said...

anthole will always have a new meaning for me now, thanks to sophia!
beware all you antholes!!