Monday, September 15, 2008

Cute :)

I have had so much fun watching the girls start to "play" together. Anna is always watching Sophia to see what she is doing & trying to imitate. Sophia went to the mailbox with Vance to get the paper. Anna climbed the stairs to Sophia's room the whole time yelling "iiiiaaaa" 

Funny Story:The girls were in the  backseat, the car seats next to each other. I hear Anna coughing & ask Sophia if she is ok. Sophia says very calmly" she's choking" I find the first place I can pull over, jump out & open Anna;s door. I fish out of Anna's throut a quarter size glob of green playdough. Yep, Sophia had been feeding it to her. Agh!!! :)


Michelle Gibilisco said...

To funny!! Call me soon! Maybe next week! Tried you the other day but your message didn't sound like you?? Wasn't sure if I had the right numer.

Anonymous said...

you couldn't ask for a more entertaining duo than sophia and annabella!!!!
we love them so much

Anonymous said...

ok. i think i have this post memorized..though i just realized you wrote it at 4:53 am. is that right?????