Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tiny Happy People

These are "People" Sophia & I play "people" all the time. They go to the park & do farm chores. Today They are lined up at the window waiting for dadda to get home :) So sweet. Not so sweet- Can 6 month olds be calculating & evil? While I am writing this both girls are on a blanket on the floor. Sophia is coloring & Anna is playing with toys. Anna keeps setting down her toy, rolling over & pulling Sophia's ponytail. I'll roll her over hand her her toy & she'll do it again! Sophia is saying "Momma, she's pulling my hair" I am going to get buttons, hats, t-shirts, & banners printed to promote "Sisterly Love" 


Michelle Gibilisco said...

I love them! I want some for my desk!

Anonymous said...

yea! yea! i am so happy to comment, that i forget what iw as going to say! i lvoe pumpkin and peanut!