Monday, April 7, 2008

Pumpkin Paints, Crazy Hair & the Terrorist Mouse

Sophia: Here is a pic of a VERY happy Sophia! Vance bought her Mega Size paints. She paints almost every morning. So we have mounds of finished work. We have them strung up like garland on the downstairs window, we covered a 4x2 ft piece of plywood with art to hang in her room & now we have started a notebook. Anyone want original wallpaper? While she is painting she  is constantly saying " do you like it? Do you Looooovveee it?" hee heeAnna: Loves fart noises! Really. When you make that noise (with your mouth, silly) She will laugh, giggle & laugh. Her laugh is like a squeaky toy. She also laughs at Sophia. Sophia doing anything. She will laugh at her jumping, chewing, sitting. Then, in turn Sophia does the jumping, chewing, sitting, or whatever again & again. Which, I can understand, that's why I make the fart noises until my mouth is numb. :)

Me: (it really is all about me anyway, right) hee hee. I don;t have a pic of the pesky mouse that has me held hostage. I saw him yesterday in the office. Today I need envelopes & cd;s from the closet I know he is hiding in! If he jumps out at me from anywhere I am going to have a coronary. Agh  


Michelle Gibilisco said...

OMG! They are so cute...and getting so big already! yay now I can see them!

Sarah said...

I'm a friend of Michelle's...your kids are adorable!! LOVE the hair!! Happy Blogging!