Friday, April 4, 2008

Funny story

Sophia: funny story... yesterday Sophia was putting crayons in the front of her overalls. I was on the couch feeding Anna her bottle with a wee bit of cleavage showing, Sophia put a crayon in the cleavage & said " I put it in your buns momma" hee hee

Anna: had her first hair cut yesterday at 5 months! When I picked her up from the gym daycare 2 of the workers were laughing at the dreadlocks on the back of her hair! poor thin. So now they're gone! 

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Rose.Creative said...

Mel -- your girls are so cute and this blog is a great idea! I love reading about your girls and look forward to more stories SOON!
And don't forget to tell us about your latest artistic projects. Take care!

Love, Rose