Friday, July 9, 2010

5 little goats

We now have 5 new  little goats on our farm. Right now we are raising them for meat, but next Spring we may begin milking. Agh, I have no idea what all that means.... :) I guess I/ & the girls will be learning how to milk, make cheese & soaps... crazy! Here they are......

Sisters, Sunny & Cow. Anna named "Cow" & I think that is SO funny that she sees the humor in naming a goat "cow" ha haaa

Strongbad, he's our only boy & such a sweetie!

Princess, originally named that because of the heart shape on her head. But, she's a diva & will climb on anyone who gets in the way of her food! Even poor Sophia.

And Gloria.
Here is Vance w/ his girls, the day we brought them home.... He had to catch them in order for us to pet them... now they call to us to come over - they want food. :)

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