Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Way way WAY too cute!

Last weekend Vance had the idea to go to a farm to get the girls bunnies. (The week before we had had some wild bunnies, but sadly, they squeezed out of the bunny cage)  So, when we went to get the bunnies the farmer said we could have a kitty.... well we couldn't leave with just ONE kitty :) . The farmer said that we could play with them all together ( REALLY?) But, so far all 4 seem very happy with the idea. 

Vance built this "playpen" that the kids can be in & play with all of them. So very cute!!!! Anna's bunny is the white one & her kitty has the white paws. They are both named Kayla after their cousin. Sophia's brown bunny & darker kitty are named Chase, also their cousin & Kayla's brother. So, Kayla, Kayla, Chase & Chase are the latest animals to join this crazy place we call home :) 


ShelliGib said...

That is so stinkin cute! BTW, happy Anniversary!!

pahobe said...

Omg is Sophia wearing an ACDC t-shirt? Love.