Thursday, May 28, 2009

Puppy love

2 Weeks ago Vance went "to look at tractors" & came home with a 7 week old cockapoo.  We were so surprised! He is  SOOO cute. A little naughty w/ the constant chewing on our ankles & pulling the plants out of the garden,  but when you are THAT cute you can get away with a lot! The girls are great with him. I'll post later the pics of Sophia putting Brutus in the  stroller, doll baskets, etc. Too cute! 


Michelle said...

Oh Brutus is sooo cute! You'll have a love hate relationship with him I'm sure! But the love part is sooo good!

Anonymous said...

yea brutus! he's a perfect addition! i love his roly poly cuteness..reminds me of anna!