Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Angels

Here is the first photo of BOTH girls on the naughty step. :) This obviously was NOT effective as a punishment this time. They had been fighting over the baby stroller, so both were in trouble. While they were sitting there Anna was giving me this look like "Whatever Mom," (see above photo) for being such a little one, she has attitude! Well, then I just thought they were so cute, & had to grab the camera. 

Last night I was telling Vance the things that Sophia is into right now. In response, he said, Why not update the blog so that you will remember them. Brilliant. So here are 5 things the girls are interested in as of today :)

1. The letter "S" she is thrilled to find it anywhere. Her name is thrilling- she likes to trace it over & over & over

2. weather- they  talk about weather at school and now we try &  find it on the computer & talk about it- a lot

3. puddles/rainy days- who doesn't like to splash in mud puddles?

4. Dreams- she got me the other day- I said so did you have a dream last night? She told me this detailed & elaborate story. I was impressed. She asked if I had had a dream that night. I said not last night. Her response: Well, just make up one like I just did. hee hee

5. Songs- We have the same cd in the car that we like (I liked it better a few weeks ago) & now Sophia will sing the songs on the "stage"= fireplace & put shows on for us. So very cute!

1. Anything Sophia is doing. 

2. Frogs & birds- she can say the words 

3. Puddles- again, who wouldn't like to splash.  

4. Babies- we have SO many baby dolls & 

5. Friends & daddy- when our friends come to visit she squeals & runs around. When daddy gets home she runs around yelling "Dadda, dadda, daddda, daddda" So happy to see him !!!!

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Michelle Gibilisco said...

Haha! They appear to have your number Mel! Sophia has gotten so big! And Anna's hair is cracking me always wish you were closer and we could hang!