Monday, January 5, 2009

Princess Emily & Princess Emily

Sophia names EVERYTHING Emily, babydolls, little play cows, the bears that she swears are in her room. We were making crowns today & built a "castle" out of a sheet & the table. Here we are with our crowns, guess what our names were? 

This is a song that she made up one day while sitting at the diner table. 
"When I was a baby, a princess came to save me. One day a princess found my gee (pacifier) I had looked for it all day. I wanted it so bad. One day I grew up & wanted my gee & cried about it. She found it in the dragons hand. Now I want my baby sister. YEEEAAAAHHH. the end"


Michelle Gibilisco said...

Very creative! : ) Miss you!

Anonymous said...

this is such a fun phase of childhood for me (despite the fact that Julia is stronger now and can resist harder!) "emily" is funny to me because julia names EVERYTHING "sarah" or "sprinkles" in fact, she is often "not Julia, but sarah sparkles"
:) ps. that's a great picture of you guys :)