Monday, January 19, 2009

Daddy time

Since it has been cold & Vance doesn't have quite as much farm work in the winter, I have been trying to sneak out on Sat mornings &  let the girls have some Daddy time! The photos are from when I was out... Wow! Does Sophia look like her daddy, or what? Even when she was first born, my sister Mindy would say "wow, it looks just like Vance, in a onesie!!!" :) 

Annabella, is all her Momma! She is 25% on the height chart & 75% in weight! Gotta LOVE her tummy & those thighs! She may be the youngest in our play group, & a shorty, but the girl has a temper! I was telling her "no" in  my most stern voice yesterday, Anna looked right at me, hands in fists & yelled & blabbered as if to tell me off..... Sophia & I were cracking up! She is also SO excited when we can figure out her sounds into words. She will smile & enthusiastically shake her head yes. She is running. She is copying Sophia. She loves books, & babies, blueberries & bubbles. (funny, all those start w/ the letter B) She also REALLY knows how to get a reaction from us.... she will teater on the stairs, which makes me come running. She will pull Sophia's hair & take her toy/ sippy cup/food & run. My family says this is really early for the girls to start these "games". I am so  worried for the next 18 years! :)


Michelle Gibilisco said...

Sooo cute! haha! Glad you're getting out of the house!

Anonymous said...

great pics..and can you kidnap me on saturday mornings??????