Friday, May 2, 2008

Is it Spring yet?

Last weekend we went to a huge garden center with Grandma Opal. What a fun place for little ones to see color! Anna's chubby fingers were touching all kinds of colors, textures & patterns. For an hour we were in paradise! 

This was our 'Welcome Spring" sidewalk drawing. It was a few days entertainment. Of course Sophia has a snack- that girl LOVES to eat! That is Yellow Kitty, Sophia has a clever naming system for the farm animals: The animals color + the kind of animal = it's name.


Michelle Gibilisco said...

What cuties! I tagged you in a meme. Go to my site!

Anonymous said...

i love sophia's artwork! i think she is advanced to have such concentration ! and anna is just too too much! i want to eat her up!she always makes me smile.