Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cute chicks

Anna is eating food! She LOVES real food, but isn't too fond of baby food. She was shaking with pure excitement while eating a real peach. Could you imagine being so easy to please?  She also really likes mashed potatoes, banannas, toast, muffins, apples & the occational sucker that Sophia lets her try. hee hee.

These are some of our new cute chicks! This would've been a cute photo opp for the girls with the chicks... but I was the one holding the chicks while Sophia would pet them. We tried to let Anna pet them. She would start gentle & then try to grab/squish them, so she is banned from chick petting till next year. :) The chicks were delivered to the post office- crazy! Then the girls & I went to pick them up & brought them to their home under the heat lamps. Sophia & I go out to the barn everyday. She likes to be the boss, so she'll say "Momma you need to scoop out the poop""There is some there.... & there.... & there" "Momma you need to give them new water" "Momma they need more food too" :) 

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Michelle Gibilisco said...

Oh, I remember picking up chicks from the post office when I was in high school. Then in the fall my grandma came and cut all their heads off, haha!