Friday, January 22, 2010

Winter morning activities a.k.a. The Hive

Sophia has always been an early morning girl. She wakes up around 5:30 - 6:00 am. (Anna, is not in these pics, because she sleeps to a normal time of 8!) Agh. We used to "nuggle" & watch cartoons, but lately that  isn't cutting it. So, she wakes up w/ oodles of energy. So, I have found some fun books that have activities to keep us busy! "Big Book of Things to Do, Art Starts for little hands, & The Great Thumbprint Drawing Book"So busy that I have called the kitchen our "hive" & I am the queen bee, of course!

We have "sculpted" w/ clay, learned to tie shoes, cut cardboard hearts & covered w/ foil, screen printed, baked cupcakes, made countless other dishes,  made drawings from thumbprints. That was this week. I'm tired. 

Clay animals & faces. We sculpted, baked, & painted them! So much fun for the girls... ok I had some fun with it too :) Anna did this activity. It was in the afternoon. :)

Sophia taking my picture, after we mastered the art of teaching/learning to tie shoes. 

Sophia, celebrating after she learned to tie :)

Look at the concentration in the loop progression. Way to go!!!

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