Friday, December 12, 2008

Photo found

So I found this pic that I took with my  computer, last spring. Sophia is amazed that her pic is showing on the computer. They look so tiny! especially Anna! & look at their hair! I had had this idea to take a photo of anna each day for a week, right when she woke up. Her hair was always super crazy. But I didn't & now I wish I would've! Agh. That is why my momma friends said that I should start & keep up (right Jen!) this blog: so I would document the stories of the girls that I am always telling the Mommas.Already I have forgotten some of the highlights from the last few months. I will call Jen & Lynn & see if they remember :) & then I will document, document, document!!! The memories are to precious to loose!


Michelle Gibilisco said...

That's right, and we need to know what's going on!!

Anonymous said...

yeah! sophia is too funny not to post regulalry and anna is too cute not to show off pictures!
tell the missle story!!